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Ubuntu Finland delivered Ubuntu to Finnish parliament representatives

Helsinki, Finland, 2007-SEP-14

Ubuntu Finland has sent Ubuntu CDs and information about Ubuntu, Linux and free (as in freedom) software to each parliament representative of Finland in the beginning of September. The purpose of this campaign is to make the representatives more aware of free software and its possibilities in schools and in administration.

Edubuntu, a special edition of Ubuntu, has already made substantial savings possible in many schools in Finland. In France the parliament has switched more than a thousand workstations used by the parliament representatives to Ubuntu. "By using software libre, often called open source software, it is possible to get substantial savings, improved security and better compatibility between various information systems. In many countries the use of open source software in public administration is far more advanced than in Finland. We expect the Finnish government to redeem its promise of promoting open standards and interfaces by improving this situation" says the founder of Ubuntu Finland, Mr. Timo Jyrinki.

The roots of Linux - which Linus Torvalds started about 16 years ago - are in Finland. Ubuntu is one of the user-friendliest Linux distributions and suitable for almost any work or home computer. The word "ubuntu" means "humanity to others", which represents the spirit of sharing in the free software community and the striving for better usability.

Ubuntu Finland

Ubuntu Finland (www.ubuntu-fi.org) is an official Ubuntu local community team, and its web site serves Finns in both of Finland's official languages, Finnish and Swedish. The web site is run by volunteers. In addition to Ubuntu Finland, there are a number of Finnish companies that offer installation and support for Ubuntu.

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Further information from the contact person of Ubuntu Finland:

Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki@iki.fi> (phone +358-43-2005020)


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