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[DIFF] 07:36 Info timo-jyrinki 16.04 työpöytäopas
[DIFF] 09:44 Info timo-jyrinki lisäys xserver-xorg-core-lt s-xenial 14.04.5-ohjeeseen
[DIFF] 07:39 Info timo-jyrinki 16.04.2
[DIFF] 07:36 Info timo-jyrinki 16.04.2
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[DIFF] 18:55 Info tomin Lisätty huomautus varmuuskopioiden tärkeydestä
[DIFF] 09:02 Info tikola [1-3] #02 Major change in first half section of installation instructions from older Ubuntu versions to 16.04. End of the document as it was
#03 Trivial change to test my editing capabilities works - bigger edit coming in near future


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